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Data Products

Data Products and Description

Satellite Algorithms

1B01 - Level 1B VIRS Calibration
1B11 - Level 1B TMI Calibration
1B21/1C21 - PR Received Power/PR Radar Reflectivity

2A12 - TMI Rainfall
2A21 - Surface Cross Section
2A23 - PR Qualitative
2A25 - PR Profile
2B31 - Combined PR/TMI Rainfall

3A11 - TMI Emission
3A25 - Space Time Statistics of Level 2 PR Products
3A26 - Estimation of Space-Time Rain Rate Statistics Using a Multiple Thresholding Technique
3B31 - PR/TMI Monthly Rainfall
3B42 - TRMM-Adjusted Merged-Infrared Precipitation
3B43 - TRMM and Other Satellites Precipitation

Ground Validation

Algorithm Overview

Site Information

Kwajalein, RMI
Houston, TX
Melbourne, FL
Darwin, Australia

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